Board Of Directors

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founder & Managing director

Christiane Wherry

A serial entrepreneur and catalyst for social impact, Christiane believes education and empowerment are key solutions to a diverse knowledge-based labour force, which is both a moral and economic imperative that raises the overall level of human capital and labour productivity.  Combining over ten years of industry leadership with community activism both in Canada and globally on issues related to civic engagement, capacity building and support for the underserved, she was a nominee for CBC Champion of Change.  A former economist for the governments of Canada and Ontario, she is currently working on the intersections of IP, technology and Money 2.0.  Academically, she is candidate for a Master of Laws (LL.M.) at University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, and received a Master's degree in Economic Policy from the London School of Economics in the U.K.



Farahana’s passion for STEM dates to her childhood, where she worked with her family’s company developing leading edge technologies.This has informed her career in implementing technologies, leading projects in excess of $1B in value, and in managing technology risks. She has a deep commitment to community activism both locally and globally, including founding community and health care centers in Nepal, advocating for at risk mothers in Calgary and galvanizing corporate community partnerships via the United Way. Academically, she is candidate for a Master of Laws (LL.M.) at University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, she has received an MBA in Social Policy from Brandeis University, and holds multiple designations in Cyber Security, Project Management and Change Management.



Sviatlana Litvinava

Sviatlana is invested in youth entrepreneurship and has seen what diverse voices and safe spaces can accomplish. However, participating in multiple Hackathons, she realized an ongoing lack of diversity, where women would constantly make up less than 10% of participants and many other minorities wouldn’t be represented at all. She is passionate about changing the workplace to reflect gender and cultural demographics of Canada. She graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science from York University in 2017.


Advisory Council



rena wang

Rena is passionately involved in the start-up community in Canada through her experience with venture capital and entrepreneurship. Her experiences  have allowed her to witness the biases women and minorities face when launching a business. She currently sits on the board of ADVAANA, an organization dedicated to helping underpriviledged youth. She is a recipient of the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers. She graduated from Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario. 


Dr. Sandra Chiu

Dr. Chiu is a Doctor of Optometry and has been interested in gender inequality in the workforce during her graduate studies at the New England College of Optometry. In her graduating class, over 70% of the students were female. However, the reverse was true for most of her female mentors and professors. The fact that the field of optometry is exceptional, rather than a typical example of the direction of gender representation in most professional programs is what motivated Dr Chiu become more involved in non-profit efforts to provide more opportunities for success for the next generation of females pursuing higher education. 


lily zeng

Lily is deeply passionate about Youth and Economic Empowerment. After working in the private sector, Lily transitioned in to International Development and currently works at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, where she focuses on increasing access to HPV vaccines for women in low-middle-income countries. Locally, she has been an active member of a Youth Development NGO and served as a Youth Ambassador for the 2015 Pan Am Games. She is a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business.